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FAQ & Schedule

What is a Reverse Bang?
A Reverse Bang is the reverse of the usual Big Bang challenge. Instead of artists claiming anonymous fic summaries, authors will be claiming anonymous art prompts, which they will then use to write a story of 3,000 words or more.

How do I sign up?
Sign-up posts for artists, authors, and betas will open on February 8th, 2014.


What are the requirements for art?
Artists are expected to create at least one new piece of art: a drawing, digital manip, fanvid, or fanmix. Art must be at least 400 by 600 pixels in size, videos must be at least 30 seconds in length, and fanmixes must include at least 8 songs, plus cover art (minimum 400 by 400 pixels). A download link for the mix needs to be included when the mix is turned in; that link will not be in the claims post but will be given to the author that claims it.

You must submit a completed draft of at least one piece per prompt by March 29th, 2014. You may still make changes, but the art should be complete enough that a writer could work from it even if no changes are made.

You cannot submit art for this challenge that has already been posted elsewhere.

How many art prompts can I submit?
Artists are allowed to make two separate art prompts. You can, however, make as many pieces of art as you wish for a single prompt. If you do this, a collage of all pieces included in the prompt is encouraged for your submitted draft—i.e. the preview that will go up in the claims post. Additional pieces can also be made later as you are collaborating with your author, but this is completely optional.

NOTE FOR ROUND 2: Two prompts per artist is still allowed, and we will work very hard to get each artist at least one author apiece. This means that one of your art prompts will most likely get claimed, but the second may not. It depends on what the author turnout is this year. And, of course, all artists have the option of not submitting a second prompt at all.

Does my art need to be looked over by a beta?
It's not required, but it is recommended. There will be sign up post for beta volunteers that you can check out starting February 8th, or you can use your own beta. We will not be assigning betas for this challenge.

Will my art be archived anywhere?
The mods will upload all art to a public album/site for the sake of previews in the claims post. At any time after the challenge has ended, the artist can request that their art be removed from the album/site. Artists will be responsible for where they decide to upload and post the final version of their art.


What are the requirements for fic?
You will be expected to write a minimum of 3,000 words, based on the prompt you choose in the claims post. Your fic must be related to the art for which it is written, and it cannot have been already posted elsewhere. Rough drafts meeting the minimum required word count will be due June 7th, 2014.

There will be required check-ins, draft deadlines, and a certain level of communication with your artist is expected. If you do not meet your deadlines or fail to communicate with your artist, you may receive one or more warnings, after which a pinch-hitter will be assigned.

Does my fic need to be beta-read?
Beta-read stories are strongly encouraged, but as the fandom is getting older, we understand that it's getting harder and harder to find a good beta who knows canon. There will be sign up post for beta volunteers that you can check out starting February 8th, or you can use your own beta. If you can't find one, your story will still be accepted, provided you have done the best you can to proofread/grammar/spellcheck it yourself.

Can I write with someone else?
Sure! If you're writing with a partner, only one of you needs to sign up, but be sure to include information for both writers.

How do I make a claim?
When the artists turn in their rough drafts, we'll make a claims post. In this post we'll include a preview of their work, along with a short description that includes the artists preferences, dislikes, etc.. You can comment with which piece of art you'd like to write for, and then that person's art will get crossed off the list. Claims will be first come, first served.

Once I have my prompt and start writing, can I ask for more art?
Artists are not required to make any additional art once you start collaborating. It's completely up to them. If they decide to make more, consider it a fun surprise, but don't go in with the expectation that they have to, and don't be rude.

Will my fic be archived anywhere?
No. Where the story is posted will be up to the author. We do encourage authors to post their stories to Archive of Our Own. A collection will be set up there for this challenge.


What pairings/genres/ratings are allowed?
This challenge is open to all pairings, genres and ratings, as long as it includes at least one character from Dark Angel. Artists may choose to specify what pairings, genres and ratings they would prefer to accompany their story.

Are crossovers and fusions allowed?
Crossovers and fusions will be allowed so long as the focus of the prompt remains on the Dark Angel characters. Additionally, it will be the artist's responsibility to provide explanations of, or information about, characters from other fandoms included in the artwork to the author.

What about RPF?
RPF is not allowed unless it is a crossover with Dark Angel.

Can I crosspost my fic/art to other communities/websites?
Definitely. As long as your first official post is here, you can crosspost to any other relevant comms and sites you want.

Can I post to my own journal a few days early?
You can prepare your journal masterlist and subsequent posts as early as you need to, as long as they remain private-locked until your posting date. Your posting date should be the first time your fic/art for this challenge goes public.

Can I sign up as both an artist and an author?
Absolutely. If you think you can handle the workload, go for it. Just remember that you are not allowed to claim your own art.

What happens if the number of authors doesn't match up with the number of artists?
In the event that the art prompts outnumber authors, we will do several rounds of claiming until every prompt has an author. If it's the other way around, we may re-open all art so that more than one author is assigned to the same prompt. Either way, everyone who wants to participate will get to participate.

How will I contact my artist/author?
Artists are encouraged to contact their authors as soon as they see their prompt claimed in the claims post. Failing that, author/artist match-ups will be revealed a few days after claims end. Authors will have one week after the match-up post goes up to contact/respond to their artists.

What if my author/artist doesn't contact me?
If you're an artist, and your author either doesn't get in touch with you at all, or drops off the map, contact one of the mods and we'll issue them fair warning. If your author still doesn't respond, a pinch-hitter will be assigned. Please note: it is important that you notify us as soon as you feel you have cause for concern, so that your pinch-hitter will have more time to work.

If you're an author, please remember that since the art prompt is complete enough to work from, artists are allowed to have as much or as little contact as they want. If your artist doesn't get in touch with you, work from the prompt and preferences outlined in the claims post as best you can. Any artist who chooses to have little to no contact with their author assumes the risk that the story they get might not be exactly what they want.

Where can I sign up to pinch-hit?
A pinch-hitter sign-up post will go up sometime after claims end.

Round 2 Schedule

February 8: sign-ups open
March 1 – 7: artist check-in (not mandatory)
March 29: art due
April 4: claims posted
April 5: claims open
April 12: match-ups revealed
May 10 – 17: author check-in (mandatory)
June 7: rough drafts due
June 14: posting schedule announced
June 21 – July 5: posting

What's a check-in?
Check-ins are generally used for encouragement and motivation, but are not mandatory. The last one (for authors) is mandatory, so that we can make sure every art prompt will get a story. Any author who does not check in then, or notifies us that they can't make the deadline, will be dropped from the challenge, and a pinch hitter will be assigned to the art prompt. Authors will be given a full week to check in.


A claims post will go up on April 4th, 2014, approximately 24 hours before claims officially begin on the 5th (a more specific time will be given closer to the claiming date), so that writers may take a look at all of the art before actual claiming starts. The art posts will contain thumbnail previews of all the art (that link to the full size versions) accompanied by an optional text description of the subject. All art will be posted anonymously, and claims will be first come, first served.

NOTE FOR ROUND 2: Due to an uneven number of authors vs. art last year, we're trying out something new. Artists can still submit up to two prompts, and all prompts will be included in the claims post. But once one of your prompts has been claimed, both prompts will be crossed out. If we get to the point that every artist has at least one author, we'll then open up the second prompts for claiming. There's no guarantee that every second prompt will be claimed, though, so be aware that you may not get a story for both pieces. You can, however, post your second prompt piece(s) to the comm without a story, write for your own art, or just withdraw it completely and do something else with it.

Proxies will be allowed, meaning you can get someone to make your claim for you, if you know you won't be around at the time of claiming.

The claims post will be members-locked, so please be sure to join and watch the community in order to participate.

Art Submissions/Writer Rough Drafts/Posting Requirements

Important how-to information can be found in the following posts:
how to submit art
how to submit writer rough drafts
how to post to the community

Everyone who wishes to participate should join and watch the community, to make sure they do not miss important deadlines or updates to the challenge.

Questions? Ask them here, send an email to dareversebangmod@gmail.com or send a PM to dareversebbmod.
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