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To everyone who participated, congratulations!!! We did it and finished another round \o/ I know it’s been hard for several with many RL trial & tribulations, but we pulled together and got it done. I have hope we’ll have another round and that by then things will be in a much better place for ALL of us ;)

Until then, if you haven’t had a chance to read and enjoy all of this year’s works or even last years, please go check out the masterlists: Round 1 & here for Round 2

Also if you’re so inclined and want to play, and or support/cheer us on, darkangel_bb will be opening sign-ups on the 20th, come on over and enjoy the fun ;)

Again a BIG thank you to ALL of you, and our wonderful Mods: dollarformyname & cametoplay who kept everything running this year <333

Gotta blaze, until next time ;)
DA - max1


Art Title: Birds
Artist: dollarformyname
Rating/Warnings: PG-13

Fic Title: Birds
Author: denyce
Pairings/characters: Max, briefly implied between Max/Logan, otherwise it’s friendship Max, Alec, Logan, Joshua, or what you might see through colored glasses ;).
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Post Freak Nation, minor character deaths, AU apocalyptic
Word count: 4,177
Summary: Max contemplates the reality that - They’re coming

LAF - HorseIsGood

Blood Junkie

by rhapsodean photo bloodjunkiebanner-small-_zpseb041e5a.jpg

Art Title: Blood Junkie
Artist: rhapsodean
Rating/Warnings: PG-13, blood needles, unprofessional medical procedures

Fic Title: Blood Junkie
Author: ladyarcherfan3
Parings/Characters: Alec, Logan, Max, others, (canon amounts of Max/Logan)
Rating/Warnings: PG-13 for blood, needles, some swearing
Word Count: ~5,110
Summary: One morning, Logan’s legs give out, and he sees the only way to fix it is with another transfusion of transgenic blood. Luckily, he finds a willing volunteer with Alec, but does Logan ask too much of him? Set after Freak Nation.
Notes: Many thanks to rhapsodean for her awesome art, I hardly feel that my fic warrants it. And thanks to denyce for her quick and excellent beta work - the final product would not be nearly so palatable without her help.



Artist: ladyarcherfan3
Rating/Warnings: PG, no warning

Author: helena_s_renn
Parings/Characters:X5-494, called Alexei in parts of this story (otherwise known as Alec McDowell)
X5-511, called Kirill in parts of this story (otherwise known as Biggs)
Lola (OC)
Elizabeth Renfro
Other minor characters mentioned by name or in passing.
494/his hand; Alexei (494)/Kirill (511); Alexei/Lola/Kirill (non-explicit)
Rating/Warnings: R-ish; minor swearing, innuendo, sex, violence, xenophobia (of transgenics)
Word Count: ~10K
Summary: 494 and 511 must find and steal a transgenic-saving antidote hidden in a lab at another transgenic breeding site in Kezmekhistan. It's 494's first mission.

Thus With a Kiss

Art Title: untitled
Artist: sandrasfisher
Rating/Warnings: none

Fic Title: Thus With a Kiss
Author: walking_tornado
Parings/Characters: Max/Logan, Alec, Joshua, Original Cindy, Mole, Matt Sung, Sketchy
Rating: PG13
Warnings [Read warnings—spoilers] Major Character Deaths, Suicide, language
Word Count:~ 7.5 k
Summary: When Max is captured, the plan to free her goes horribly awry.